A Moment Lost In Time

find someone
who knows
you’re sad
just by the change
of tone in your

be with someone
who loves the
feature that
you hate the most

fall in love with
someone who
looks at you and
knows they don’t
want anyone else



Sculptures by Jim Skull

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Jim F. Faure, known as Jim Skull, is the creator of these amazing sculptures. If the photos are impressive, imagine seeing them in person. The human skull is full of symbolism. The most common association that comes to mind when we see a skull, is death. But when I look at Jim’s sculptures, I see the skull as the home that contains and protects our thoughts and ideas, which live in the brain.


When my mom throws a family party



Parapet In Golden Light // Paul Lehr

Parapet In Golden Light // Paul Lehr


From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.
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Spectral Photography

By Christopher Mckenney



Extensive research has concluded that this indeed, is the greatest line in animated film history.